If anyone should ever discover this hidden log, please know that I endeavoured to serve Equestria with diligence, dignity and honor
– Trottenheimer
Entry 8 on his Terminal at Ironshod Firearms R&D

Trottenheimer was the creator of the first megaspell, developed for use by the Ministry of Peace. Trottenheimer was an incredibly brilliant unicorn and his research would go on to be used to create numerous other megaspells.



Trottenheimer was the developer of the original megaspell, first employed by Fluttershy as a means of healing large numbers of ponies simultaneously. He was approached by Goldenblood and made the lead researcher of Project Starfall, as his intimate knowledge of megaspells made him the ideal candidate for the project.

During the war

Trottenheimer worked on Project Starfall, trying to create a non-magical means of using a megaspell. He took the job for the protection that Goldenblood provided and to provide for his family. The result of Project Starfall was a large, unique, pistol-esque weapon called Trottenheimer's Folly. According to his personal logs, Trottenheimer was also involved in Project Horizons.

Trottenheimer was shown comforting Goldenblood after the death of his daughter (actually put in stasis by Sanguine). Trottenheimer was the one who convinced Goldenblood to return to work and got the other project leaders ready for a meeting in two days time. Trottenheimer voiced concern for Goldenblood, particularly close to the end of the war, he felt that Goldenblood should reconsider his final plans for ending the war whilst keeping Luna in power.

Post War

During the megaspell fallout, Trottenheimer turned Folly on himself and shot himself in the head. The weapon pierced the heavily protected walls of Ironshod Firearms R&D, his skeleton was discovered by Blackjack when she found Trottenheimer's office. The hole Trottenheimer's Folly left in his skull looked melted, likely due to the heat of the weapon. He made a final entry in his terminal, expressing regret and describing himself as well as a farewell to his family.


  • A series of personal logs was discovered in Ironshod Firearms R&D that listed several entries, most of them from during the war and one just after the Megaspell fallout.
  • He personally renamed Trottenheimer's Folly after himself, during his last day alive.
  • He killed himself using Folly, causing his skull to look partly melted.
  • Met with Goldenblood on multiple occasions.


Trottenheimer seems to be based off of the real life physicist, Oppenheimer, head scientist of the Manhattan project and one of the creators of the atomic bomb. 
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