"Twist" Is a canonical character to the show. See Twist for more details.
Twist (Project Horizons)
Twist by sileresp-d4gpdi4
Twist as a foal.

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Race Earth Pony
Faction/Role Macintosh's Marauders
Family Rampage (daughter)

Hope (granddaughter, deceased)

Twist was a member of Macintosh's Marauders. As a youth, Twist grew up with Macintosh's younger sister Apple Bloom, her cutie mark is a pair of crossed peppermint canes.



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Before the War

She was a roommate of Psalm before the war and expressed an interest in joining the Equestrian military in the hopes of getting revenge for the Littlehorn Massacre. She applied to join the military alongside Psalm.

During the War

Twist fought during the war and was known for her martial arts skills with zebra fighting styles. She made candy in her free time, including either Mint-als or Party Time Mint-als. At a party, she introduced Pinke Pie to it, improving her Pinkie-Sense dramatically, and setting her on the path towards addiction.

Twist had an unrequited love for Apple Bloom and was a self-declared filly-fooler, but her interest was in Apple Bloom alone, and she lost her friendship with Apple Bloom soon after she gained her cutie mark. She was in a relationship with a zebra defector named Shujaa.

Twist became a part of Rampage, her soul trapped in the regenerating talisman. When Twist takes control, her cutie mark replaces Rampage's own cutie mark. Some of Twist's habits, like Mint-al munching and her fighting style, seem to have been transferred over to Rampage.


Shuuja - Twist was romantically involved with Shuuja and visibly broke down in tears when Shuuja died and was brought to Yellow River Detention Center.

Doof - She apparently had a relationship with him, given the carvings on Persuasion. He raped Twist at some point after Big Macintosh's death and was incarcerated for it.

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