I couldn't believe it, that was it? A pony who didn't care what I was? Did she just see the pony in front of her? The poor slave? No bias? No bigotry? I knew I should have felt happy or liberated, but frankly, the concept was so alien that I couldn't even bring up the courage to speak about it.
– Murky Number Seven - describing Unity
Full Name Unity
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Status Alive

Unity was an initially unnamed unicorn in Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven. Several times in early chapters she helped protect and help Murky, despite the painful consequences of her actions.

She first rescued Murky from being trampled by a crowd of ponies on a busy street.

The second time they met was at the Funfarm. While working in areas damaged during the escape of Littlepip, Murky was trapped under falling scrap metal. Unity -still an unnamed mare at the time- pulled him free of the wreckage.

She stood up for Murky while Chainlink Shackles was parading him through the streets, exposing the fact he was a pegasus to all. She was badly punished for standing up to a slaver.

She is looking for her boyfriend and can't leave Fillydelphia without him. The two were brought into Fillydelphia together and found comfort with one another until they were separated.

Murky and Unity were eventually reunited and the two become friends. She and her buck became another two ponies that Murky vows to save from Fillydelphia.

Eventually, while going through Unity's memories, Murky discovers that he is her buck, and the two start to become closer.

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