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Tales from the CommonRanch is a Fallout Equestria fanfic that revolves around the plot of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 with elements from mods such as America Rising and New California making smaller plot points.

The story revolves around Pretzel Party, whom as a young filly was inspired by a certain role model who took it upon themselves to help the inhabitants of the wasteland no matter the cost. This would lead her to create the MinuteMares, an organization that strives to create a safe haven for wastelanders to live in peace.


- Pretzel Party: A happy go lucky pony who was inspired by a role model from her past to help the inhabitants of the wasteland.

- Flint Locke: Pretzel Party's first companion. Though she agrees to help Pretzel, she only does so for payment for her deeds. This leads to a struggling relationship between them.

- Grandpa Gelding: An old stallion way past his prime that has the ability to see the future with his "Vision". Though he needs a Chem called "Ace" to access it.

- Blake: A wasteland architect who teaches Pretzel how to build settlements. Though it seems he has other business at hand.


The MinuteMares[]

Based on: The Minutemen

Pretzel's faction. Currently it's only her and Flint but she aspires to have more members in her group to branch out to other parts of the CommonRanch.

The Thunders[]

Based on: The Gunners

The Thunders are a violent mercenary outfit, for whom no job is too brutal to undertake. They are widely regarded as no better than common raiders, as they will attack anyone they believe is too weak to defend themselves. As long as it improves their bottom line, everyone's a potential target. As a result, while Thunders claim to be soldiers for hire, they have a well-earned reputation throughout the CommonRanch for being a highly militarized gang of thugs. Aggressive and fiercely territorial, Thunders are guaranteed to attack anyone who wanders into an area they have claimed as their own.

The Windstitute[]

The Windstitute is a mysterious overarching faction that watches the CommonRanch from their hidden base. Currently, their goals are unknown and to explore the outside area, they send mechanical ponies named "Synths" in their place. Rumours circulate that they kidnap ponies for use in experiments and replace them with Synths.