Race Earth Pony
Sex Female
Faction/Role Traders/Finders

Slavers-Leader of Paradise

Family Keeper - Father

Caprice - Sister
Bottlecap - Sister

Status Alive

Usury is one of three sisters that run the major trading hubs in the Hoofington area. Usury specifically runs the slave trade.


When Caprice, Usury and Bottlecap established their trading hubs, they all ran the same sorts of trade. Over time Usury went into the slave market, establishing Paradise as a slave trading hub. She does dealings with Red Eye in Fillydelphia and his slavers, providing him with a source of 'volunteers' for the hard labour required in Fillydelphia.

Sanguine operated out of Paradise, and had some sort of arrangement with Usury. He was on such good terms with her, that she matched Deus's bounty on Blackjack with another fifty thousand bottlecaps. Usury fell out of favour with Red Eye and had her business and base of operations forcibly taken from her, by Red Eye.

She disappeared and no news was heard about her until Blackjack and Morning Glory stumble across her father, Keeper, and his modest trade caravan. She is revealed to be travelling with him now, cleaning out Brahmin dung.

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