Azrael wielding Valkyrie.
~ DAfavicon MisterMech

Valkyrie is a ghostfire scythe that belongs to Azrael Razorwing.


Azrael received her ghostfire scythe when she became a leader of The Dead Boys. Equipped with multiple gem-powered spell matrices, it produces a blade of pure ghostfire from a containment rod while still being lightweight and evenly balanced. Ghostfire is similar to balefire in color, but it lacks the radioactivity of its counterpart. It also cannot be extinguished through non-magical means, but it is limited to burning small objects and not whole buildings and burns only for a set duration. It is usually more than long enough to kill whatever it comes into contact with, however.


Collapsed, Valkyrie resembles a simple metal rod with a gem-embedded pommel and grip. Extended to full length and activated, it has a pointed, curved containment rod that both produces and controls the ghostfire blade so that it is a manageable size.


  • Valkyrie means "chooser of the slain"- an apt name for such a weapon.
  • It is revealed that Valkyrie can actually split into two ghostfire scythes, which Azrael can use with deadly skill.
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