Vealville is a suburb located some distance away from Manehattan and is featured in Fallout: Equestria - The Last Sentinel. It is primarily made up of a brothel (albeit a voluntary one), a casino and bar, and a prominent nightclub. Beat Blaze, a friend and informant of Frost Windchill and one of the past DJ-Pon3's, runs the nightclub under the alias DJ-DuBB.

Frost's Journey

Frost, Rig, and Azrael traveled to Vealville to gather information on where to locate a replacement talisman for Rig's Stable. Due to her telepathic ability, Azrael learned that there were Dead Boys plainclothes hiding in the crowd. Despite this, Frost disguises himself and sneaked into the city to speak with Beat Blaze. During their private conversation, Rig and Azrael are compromised and the group proceeded to make their stand in the nightclub...

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