Verge is settlement on the outskirts of the city of Roam, several miles out. It is a very active settlement, and lives free of the war going on in the city, even from the powers of the Legion.


Verge is one of the most economically successful and thriving settlements outside of Roam, and is also one of the largest. Its size would allow it to be called a city by wasteland standards, as well as its resources. The city itself also its own defensive force, composing of mercenaries and armored vehicles.


The city has walls surrounding it, with gates at various intervals. The surface area of the entire settlement is about half a kilometer of hilly ground, and on the hills are constructed many makeshift structures, though some pre-war structures still stand.

Within the city itself are many roads, either pre-war or post-war. There are many merchant stalls, comprising a large majority of the settlement's area.

Notable Residents

  • Zeneta
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