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Vermilion is a griffin who works directly for Red Eye. He was sent by Red Eye to make sure Sanguine got Project Chimera up and running.


Present Day

Vermilion is a griffin employed by Red Eye. He was sent from Fillydelphia, along with a wing of Talons to assist/watch over Sanguine and make sure he recovered EC-1101 and gained access to Project Chimera. Vermilion accompanied Sanguine to Roosehoof Academy and Brimstone Falls, Vermilion and his talons destroyed Rossehoof Academy and killed all the ponies in Brimstone Falls by putting them through a rock crusher.

Vermilion then moved on to Chapel, along with Sanguine and his hench-ponies, Precious, Brass and Fury. Vermilion assisted in taking the town's population hostage and seemed to have trouble restraining himself from killing the settlement's population. Sanguine's promises and insistances kept him at bay.

When Blackjack finally arrives, he tells Sanguine to just kill her. When Sanguine seems intent on just continuing to talk, Vermilion loses patience and attacks Blackjack and the captured residents of Chapel. Lacunae protects the ponies of Chapel and eventually Vermilion leaves alongside Sanguine, when he retrieves Blackjack's PipBuck.

He went to Paradise and took it over for Red Eye. He is still there and denying control to the traders. Bottlecap asks Blackjack to kill him and reclaim Paradise for her and the traders.



Vermilion is big, even by griffin standards. His large body is covered in high quality black armour and is edged with stylish red. Exactly what is flesh and what is armour is hard to tell, but it is certain that Vermilion is a cybergriffin. The red edges of his black armour match the red of his wings, and his head is covered with a helmet. He has glowing eyes, possibly caused by his augments.


He is shown to be quite impatient and easily angered. He is also shown using excessive and cruel methods of killing ponies and has no problem killing anyone.


  • He is a cybergriffin.
  • Works for Red Eye as a trusted agent, like Stern.
  • Took over Paradise for Red Eye.
  • Is extremely large for a griffin.