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"Vinyl Scratch" Is a canonical character to the show. See DJ Pon-3 for more details.
Vinyl Scratch *DJ Pon3*
Vinyl Scratch tearing at the turntables.
~ DAfavicon xXMioXx
Title DJ Pon3
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Equestria
Status Deceased

Vinyl Scratch, the original DJ Pon-3, was a unicorn mare who performed across Equestria as a DJ.


Pre-war/During the War[]

Little is known of Vinyl Scratch's life except for the fact that she DJ'd during Pinkie Pie's last party and was the first DJ Pon-3. Due to her popularity, she was one of the few ponies that would occupy Stable 29, which was to be populated weeks in-advance of the other Stables as a trial run of the System, entering the Stable alongside the Orange Family (cousins of the Apples); and narrowly avoiding The Last Day as a result of this decision. Her known possessions were a Memory Orb of her experience at Pinkie's Last Party and a collection of records and music that she had with her.

After the war[]

Stable 29 became her home after the war, becoming a music pony similar to Velvet Remedy in the modern day. While it isn't shown, it is implied that Vinyl Scratch died in Stable 29, along with the other stable dwellers, after the water talisman was slightly damaged by a colt practicing with his BB gun. The Crusader Maneframe tried to preserve clean water by killing small percentages of the stable's population in relation to how much radiation was present in the water supply.

After this, the moniker/stage name of DJ Pon-3 was passed on by Vinyl or adopted by another pony who likewise passed it down to another pony. This tradition continued into modern day Equestria, with the latest DJ Pon-3 being Homage.

Being sent on an errand by the Current DJ Pon-3 to find Vinyl's music, Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, Calamity, and SteelHooves discovered Stable 29 and learned the fate of Vinyl along with the other Stable Dwellers, bringing this information back to Homage along with the collection of records Littlepip found inside of Vinyl's room safe.