Violet Iris

Violet Iris

Violet Iris is one of the protagonists from the Fallout Equestria sidefic "Starlight". Violet is a unicorn, and is a Priestess of the Followers of the Apocalypse, the organization created by Velvet Remedy after the Goddess was destroyed.

Violet appears in the Prologue of "Starlight" and is introduced as a friend of Radiant Star, the main protagonist. Later in the story, she becomes romantically involved with Star.


Violet Iris is a Priestess of the Followers of the Apocalypse, and a close friend of Radiant Star's. Violet met Star after the death of the Goddess, when Star saved Violet from being left for dead after a raider attack on the caravan that Violet was traveling with. After Star's body changed, Violet began traveling with Star to help her find answers about her transformation. After a traumatic experience in a Stable, Violet admitted her love for the purple alicorn, starting a relationship with Star.



Violet is a pale green unicorn with dark green eyes. Her mane and tail are a combination of dark and light green. Her cutie mark is a purple eye surrounded by green fire.


Violet is a kind pony, and prefers helping ponies whenever she possibly can. She hates being lied to, and angers easily over small things. She is also very reserved, but opens up for Star, her lover.


Violet is reasonably proficient with unicorn telekinesis, but is largely unaware of what her special talent is. Her cutie mark manifested during a traumatic episode where her parents were murdered by a dragon living underneath her family's rock farm quarry. The dragon was about to kill Violet, but instead opted to leave her alone instead.

Violet is also reasonably proficient with most small firearms, having had training with Steeljack. She has since acquired a magical beam rifle named Thunder Flash that once belonged the pegasus Thunder Lane in a Ministry of Awesome warehouse, and has become quite proficient in its use. Violet also learned how to use minor healing magic from the Twilight Society unicorn Dusk Blue.

Violet later finds out that her special talent is in protecting the ones she loves from harm.  As Radiant Star tells her that she would face down a dragon's fire for her friends.

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