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Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan
Family The Zodiacs
Status Alive

Virgo describes herself as the 7th daughter of the Zodiac Clan, she works for the clan as an assassin.


Virgo laid a somewhat ingenious but needlessly complex trap for Blackjack involving some pony/radroach bait, a neuro-toxin gas, a minefield and security robots. Unfortunately, during the course of the conversation with Blackjack, her trap unraveled as Blackjack used the trap against itself, detonating the minefield and destroying the robots. Blackjack then scared her off with a bullet to the flank, but let her live.

A bit of a brainiac, Virgo seems interested in the PipBucks and seeks to unlock the secrets behind their manufacture, to recreate them for the betterment of the Equestrian Wasteland. Unfortunately, she seems to overthink things and gets lost in the plot. It was revealed when Blackjack and her friends were at Hoofington University, that Virgo is a filly and the Zodiacs wanted Blackjack's PipBuck as a gift for Dr. Zodiac.



Virgo is a pink coated, earth pony filly.


Virgo is lightly megalomaniacal. And often goes off on long and rambling speeches. This gave Blackjack time to figure out and disarm Virgo's trap.


Virgo is skilled at laying extensively well thought out traps.