Fallout Equestria - What Once Was, is a side story written by Brony With A Fedora.



As stated within the full title, this side-story takes place in the Equestrian Wasteland. This story does introduce a secret facility, hidden from the wasteland with extreme dangers.

The time for most of the story is just before Littlepip leaves Stable 2, but for the beginning, it takes place just before the Great War.


The story follows Bluestone and Stormy Skies (siblings) after they awaken from a cryogenic sleep. As they travel the wasteland they gather friends. The cryogenic storage was an experiment, to be clear, and no other ponies were signed up.


   Main characters:

Bluestone - A male unicorn with an extensive knowledge about facts that were useless, but quickly gained value in the wastelands. He is also one of the siblings who was in cryostasis.

Stormy Skies - A female pegasi with above average skills at flying and a deeply emotional personality. She was also one of the siblings in cryostasis.

'Blue' Synthesis - A female synthetic pony modeled after an earth pony, she is most likely the only sane member of the party. She also, due to her being synthetic, has an affinity for computers.

'Delta'- A male unicorn who has an affinity for any sort of transmutative magic. He is also easily swayed. He never tells his real name, but Delta isn't his birthname. He is also boastful and can pick locks.

Rose - A female unicorn with a menacing appearance. She is a very kind pony, and her magic consists mostly of healing spells.

Sandy Shores - A female earth pony who mainly strives to be special. She has a great amount of skill when confronted with mechanical problems and can repair almost anything.

Yang - A unicorn colt who has a liking of magic and confronts most problems head-on. He was abandoned with his twin Yin.

Yin - A pegasus filly, she likes anything related to flying but is shyer than most ponies. She was abandoned alongside her twin Yang.

   Minor characters:

Celestia - Contacted through a small terminal connected to the Single Pegasus Project, she tells them of what she has seen and helps them find out where to go.

Derpy - She provides our protagonists with the Wasteland Survival Guide and trades with them.

Refrences and Extra:


Most of the weapons I've used are confirmed in either the 'canon' weapons list , or the side stories weapons list, however i do have a few unique weapons.


The two twins cutie marks when combined form a complete yin yang.

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