Paladin Whiskey Pickles, more commonly referred to as The Storyteller, first appearing in the Prologue, is an Applejack's Ranger Paladin who has made it his goal to record and document wasteland history.

Paladin Whiskey Pickles is a main character in The Storyteller – A Fallout: Equestria Lore Series.

Whiskey Pickles
STPose 1
Full Name Whiskey Pickles
alias The Storyteller
Race earth pony
Sex male
Faction/Role Applejack's Rangers, Paladin
Status alive


One Year Before Series

Left in search of a missing pony he cared about.


Upon hearing the DJ's broadcast about the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows he begins making his way to Fetlock to check in with Elder Crossroads.

Episode 1

On his way to Fetlock he encounters Zucchini and her daughter Pumpkin. Upon the filly's question about how the wasteland came to be The Storyteller gives them an overview of The Great War before continuing on his way.

Episode 2

Venturing towards Hope he encounters a group of raiders named Flog and Mud. Flog is disinterested in his story, but Mud is all ears. He tells them about The Ministry of Moreale before getting his power armor disabled by a matrix disruption grenade thrown by a their raider named Skeeves.


Elder Crossroads

His superior officer and the head of the Manehatten Applejack's Rangers.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Character in moniker only is a direct reference to the character in ShoddyCast's Storyteller: FALLOUT series.
  • Unlike his ShoddyCast counterpart, his name is actually mentioned, it is Paladin Whiskey Pickles. This was because though ponies have noun based names, it made more sense since "The Storyteller" is more of a title.
  • Due to the Alcoholic beverage in his name, ComicSansPony likes to think he is distantly related to Berry Punch and one of Comic's own OC's Spirits mentioned in one of his other fics.
  • The name Whiskey Pickles was chosen because at the time of naming Comic worked in a kitchen and they made pickles with whiskey as an ingredient. Comic thought it was a cool sounding name and Paladin Pickles was too cheesy,
  • His power armor is based off of the Fallout 3 Enclave Hellfire Armor.
  • Blending seamlessly with his hooves of his armor are a unique set of power hooves that use sound waves to add more power to each punch.
    • They are based on the Displacer Fists from Fallout: New Vegas.
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