The whitecoats are a highly trained, militant group of ponies that have taken up residence near Blank


The Whitecoats were originally a small militia/gang that sought revenge against Raiders, hoping to put an end to Raider activity. Xiera and Raw Deal stumbled upon the Whitecoats in their travels and trained them to become a fully functional, well trained army of killers. The Whitecoats are comprised of ponies who have all been victims of Raider activity, the groups focus is the extermination of Raiders. The Whitecoats originated from the south and moved into Hornsmith when they found out about the high concentration of Raiders in the area. During Ripple's week long absence from Blank, the Whitecoats set up a base of operations in the Ministry of Peace Relay Station, Ripple and Ashred had cleared out only a week prior.

The Whitecoats participated in the defense of Blank, many of them were killed, reducing their numbers from a well armed and trained army to a militia/gang. The Whitecoats are currently trying to recover and rebuild whilst one of their top members, Willow accompanies Ripple and Ashred to Neighwere City.

Training and Equipment

The Whitecoats are well trained in the use of a multitude of weapons, including Zebra rifles as shown by Raw Deal who took the stance necessary to fire the weapon whilst standing upright. The Whitecoats are trained to be lethal killers, each White Coat is a deadly fighter and can be skilled in a multitude of weapons, ranging from Pistols and Zebra rifles to swords and rocket launchers.

Each Whitecoat also wears a White coat over themselves which helps identify them.


The Whitecoats' primary goal is to fight back against Raiders and Raider activity. They have made it their mission to make the wasteland a safer place and eliminate Raider threats. They will normally kill Raiders on sight, although Willow didn't kill Ripple on account of the fact he has stopped being a Paragon and has killed two of them.

Notable Whitecoats

Raw Deal - Ripple's uncle. A victim of Hate who survived and now trains new Whitecoats. Prefers to use a Zebra rifle or at least the firing stance they use.

Xiera - A zebra healer. Married to Raw Deal, she taught him the skills that he then passed on to the Whitecoats.

Willow - A Whitecoat Ripple met on the way to Blank and again in Blank. She gives him a token/neck scarf that shows him as a friend of the Whitecoats.

Rhapsody - A heavily scarred Whitecoat, met in Blank and en route to Blank.

Vigil - Candlelight Vigil leads the Whitecoats that Ripple and his friends rescued from Neighwhere.


The Whitecoats appear to be based on the Regulators from Fallout 3. Regulators like Whitecoats, hunt down evil-doers.

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