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Wingright was a pegasus stallion who pulled Applejack's personal Chariot. He was seen in two of SteelHooves' memory orbs.


During the War

Wingright was present when Applejack suffered a near fatal 'accident'. Applesnack was nearby to help her and get medical attention. Wingright was seen later, prepared to give Applesnack a lift. Applesnack broke Wingright's wing and then proceeded to explain that he knew Applejack's accident had been an assassination attempt. He explained how Wingright had received notably large payments, before and after Applejack's incident.

Wingright tried to deny his involvement as Applesnack pushed the chariot he was hitched to towards the edge of the landing pad. His pleas fell on deaf ears as Applesnack kicked the chariot off the landing pad, sending Wingright to his death. Applesnack later fabricated a story that Wingright's death had been an accident, caused by wind sheer due to the stormy weather.


  • Applesnack recorded Wingright's murder on a Memory Orb.
  • The memory was shown to Littlepip when SteelHooves agreed there would be no more secrets between them.