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Winter is Red Eye's pet dog, living with him in Fillydelphia.



Winter was first mentioned over Red Eye's radio broadcasts as being his/a young colt's best friend. Winter's origins are uncertain, he was possibly a dog that grew up with Red Eye in Stable 101 and was eventually converted into a cyberdog as he grew older and his body failed him.

Present Day

Littlepip encounters Winter during her escape from Fillydelphia, Xenith informing her that Winter was tracking them via their scent. She spots Winter and remembers Red Eye's broadcasts, mentioning him, soon afterwards.

Winter along with several griffon mercenaries, cornered Littlepip on the rooftops where the Pinkie Pie balloons were stored. Winter was scared off by Pyrelight who had soaked up an intense amount of radiation and was much larger than normal when she flew overhead.

Winter's fate afterwards is unknown, he possibly died during the battle for Fillydelphia between the Enclave and Red Eye's forces or perished before that during the destruction of Red Eye's Cathedral.

Appearances in other stories

Murky Number Seven

Winter makes a few brief appearances in the story, alongside his owner, Red Eye.



Winter is a highly trained cyberdog, capable of employing tactics, like corraling Littlepip and Xenith into a vulnerable position.


Winter is mostly machine, the majority of his organic components have been replaced by cybernetics. His brain is contained inside a glowing brain casing, that changes color to reflect his state of mind. His forepaws have been replaced with vicious claws, that look like Hellhound claws. His voice is described as sounding tinny.


Winter is an excellent tracking hound and is capable of performing corraling tactics. Winter also has powerful cybernetic limbs and powerful claws and teeth.


  • Winter is a reference to Honey, the dog mentioned on John Henry Eden's broadcasts in Fallout 3.
  • He is also a reference to Rex, Moxie and other Cyberdogs in Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues features Gabe, a cyberdog kept alive by his master Dr.Borous, in a similar fashion.