Wintertrot is the name of a pre-war city, located in the Northwestern regions of the Far North. The City was a mining hub and a major source of gemstones and other precious ores and minerals that were needed to fuel the war effort. The city is used as the setting for the story, Rangers of Wintertrot.


During the War

The City was a mining hub that provided the raw resources that industrial hubs such as Stalliongrad and Fillydelphia required to fuel their operations. The city is surrounded by a large circular wall, with four entrances spread around it.

Present Day

The city is blighted with heavy snowstorms and populated by its own dangerous predators, adapted for survival in the cold climate. The city itself is coated in ice and snow, some buildings being inaccessable due to the level of ice and snow that has coated them.

Wildlife and other dangers

Wintertrot is not a city that allows you to be weak, the city is populated by dangerous mutated wildlife and other forms of mutated life. The cold climate makes it extremely inadvisable to try and sleep outdoors, even when it is not snowing.

Super Stallions

An intelligent breed of mutated ponies that stalk the streets of Wintertrot. They are hostile to non-super stallions and will attack on site. They are larger than average ponies, forcing them to make crude, but effective armor and saddlebags out of road signs and any form of metal they can bend and shape effectively.


A subspecies of Hellhounds, ideally suited to living in Wintertrot. They can tunnel through the snow quickly and effortlessly and have powerful claws and jawbones, capable of damagin power armor. Their white coats along with their ability to lie and wait under snowdrifts, make them a potent threat.
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