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Chief doctor of Glyphmark - Xephyr
~ DAfavicon.png ShadowKill117
Race Zebra
Sex Female
Faction/Role Glyphmark's doctor
Family Xenith - Mother
Qarl Death-Hoof - Father (dead)
Status Alive

Xephyr is Xenith's daughter and a resident of the small settlement of Glyphmark near Canterlot. Xephyr was left to fend for herself, along with the rest of Glyphmark's zebra children when the adults were kidnapped in a raid by slavers and taken to Fillydelphia.

Xephyr when she meets Littlepip, recognizes her mother and asks Littlepip to confirm her identity. She instructs Littlepip not to tell Xenith that she knows her true identity. Xephyr joins Littlepip and her allies at Spike's home, the Dragon Cave where she states firmly that she will be joining Xenith at Fillydelphia in an attempt to kill Stern in revenge for Xenith's enslavement and treatment.

Xephyr and Xenith working together, killed the Griffin Stern who was leading Red Eye's forces at the time of Littlepip's attack on Neighvarro. She survived the battle along with her mother.