Xiera is a zebra medicine mare who travelled the wasteland administering aid where she could. She eventually met Raw Deal and married him, assisting him in his endeavours with the Whitecoats.



Xiera came across Raw Deal, weakened after being burnt alive by Hate and the other Paragons. She nursed the stallion back to health and they began to journey together finding comfort in each others company. This eventually grew into a proper relationship, she would assist Raw Deal in his endeavours to wipe out Raider activity, training him in zebra wartime practices, including standing on his rear hooves to fire rifles. Xiera and Raw Deal eventually found the fledging Whitecoat organisation and properly founded it and trained its members.

Present Day

Xiera administered medical aid to Ripple Ripple before the battle with Massacre and his raider army and later used Massacre's mask to pump a healing solution into Ripple and purge his body of bullets buried under muscle and flesh and heal up his severe wounds from fighting Massacre. She examined Ripple after his recovery, noting bizarre black tinted veins on his neck, due to Massacre's mask. Xiera briefly talks about how she and Raw Deal met and asked Ripple to be patient with the older stallion.



Xiera is a middle aged Zebra mare.


Xiera has a very empathic and caring personality. She has an almost motherly relationship with the other Whitecoats and finds the death of any of them to be a great tragedy. 


Xiera is a skilled medic with a great knowledge of medicine. She was also able to decipher the purpose of Massacre's mask with a fairly brief look and use it on Ripple. She is also skilled in using the zebra combat methods, including standing on her rear hooves to fire guns.

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