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An old pre-war town of Zebras. Built near to Canterlot during the Great War by the zebra population of Equestria after they were segregated by the government.

Notable structures included an aqueduct which funneled water from Canterlot's moat down to the city and surround fields, the Zebratown Amphitheater, and the public bathhouses (abhorred by the private ponyfolk).

Additionally, the town was not included in the Ministry of Image poster campaigns. The Ministry of Morale did keep a set of sprite-bots inside the city. After the attempted assassination of Princess Celestia, an armed guard was maintained in the town. Applesnack was a sergeant of that guard.

During the bombardment of Canterlot, the town was washed with radioactive fallout from the rockets as they detonated against the Princess' shield. Later, when the shield fell, the town was soaked by the Pink Cloud, which permeated the water from the waterfall trapped in Canterlot's shield. The flood of poisoned water killed every inhabitant who had not evacuated. Although not as badly hit as Canterlot, the city still displays the effects of the Pink Cloud.

All the zebras from this town were supposed to be re-located to Stable 3.

After the destruction of the town, the city sewer system proved inadequate to deal with the rain and water from the destroyed aqueduct. Large portions of the town flood during rain.

The Prisoner's Prophecy

In the jail of the Zebratown police station, Littlepip and company discover the remains of an insane zebra prisoner described in Midnight Shower's terminal. This zebra, who was shunned by the other residents of Zebratown for having been influenced by the stars, wrote an ominous message in blood on the cell walls:

By the light of Our stars, We illuminate your end,

And shine on the graves of all zebra kind.

A hundred thousand Nightmares will descend upon you,

The armies of Our Dark Child will fill the skies,

And foes from impenetrable cities will fall upon all your lands,

Shielded by armor crafted from their very souls.

Rejoice with Us. For every single one of you shall die.


  • The Black Book was smuggled into Zebratown before being taken by the Ministry of Image.
  • Applesnack was turned into a ghoul in Zebratown.
  • During the war, Midnight Shower was tasked by Luna to find the reason for the zebra's fear of her.
  • A portion of the populace had begun to arm when the Megaspells hit, but were not informed of the attack beforehand and thus never emptied their weapon cache, which included a Balefire Egg Launcher.

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