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"Zecora" Is a canonical character to the show. See Zecora for more details.
Zecora high-res-(n1299641518400)
Zecora before the war.
Race Zebra
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Equestria
Status Presumed deceased

Zecora was a zebra herbalist who lived in Everfree Forest.


Before the War[]

Before the war, Zecora was a Zebra Herbalist that lived inside a hut in the Everfree Forest. She was a friend to the six ministry mares before the war. She would provide natural remedies and potions to the nearby town of Ponyville for many years.

During the War[]

During the war, she worked as a trainer in the Ministry of Awesome. Due to her Zebra heritage she faced strong prejudice, but few spoke out against her openly because of her friendship with Rainbow Dash and the other ministry mares. Eventually she agreed to work as a double agent among the Zebras, and was prepared for the role by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. As the end of the war neared, she was officially accused of selling weapons secrets to the zebras and arrested but was released when the prison transport was attacked by MoA agents posing as zebra sympathizers.

Because to the danger involved, no one else was told about her assignment, straining her friendship with the others.

As part of her cover, Zecora was to "steal" some classified data from the ministry and present it to the Zebra Caeser to gain his trust and set up the next part of her assignment. Unfortunately, although she had intended to merely disable the Guardpony who accompanied her to the secure data room, she accidentally struck him with too much force, inflicting a fatal injury.

At the same time, Applejack's lover Applesnack (later known as Steelhooves) arrived on the scene. Applejack had been distraught by her friend's apparent betrayal which angered Applesnack, who was more inclined to believe the official account, not knowing Zacora well.

When Applesnack saw the dying guardpony and Zecora apparently caught in the act of treason, he was driven to a murderous rage and attacked her. To make matter worse, this had been the night he was planning to propose to Applejack. Zecora tried to defend herself without hurting him but he was beyond listening. During the fight he deliberately beat her to death despite her previous attempt to surrender.

Applejack walked in on the scene which evidently led to SteelHooves and Applejack's strained and distant relationship afterwards.

After the War[]

Steelhooves would learn the truth 200 years later after Littlepip witnessed the events that transpired via Memory orbs. He was initially unwilling to believe Littlepip's words, due to his immense guilt and regret if he had indeed wronged Zecora and led to Applejack and him separating.


Prior to the war, Zecora was an excellent medicine maker and herbalist. She was easily capable of brewing powerful healing tonics and potions. She was also a capable hoof to hoof combatant.